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HMS Antique Trunks. In this section I will list some of the most common questions I receive about trunks as well as some outrageous trunk myths!. By reading these you will learn a great deal about trunks, and trunk history. This incorrect information has been circulating for a long time. There are 3 reasons for this, one is that these trunk stories are romantic, and sound plausible. The other reason is what I call the “Magical World Wide Web” People seen to think that whenever they need some information, they just Google it! Not so, someone actually has to do the research, then put it where you can access it.

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Today, Louis Vuitton offers a plethora of luggage pieces in countless combinations of pattern interpretations, materials, and shapes, but it all began with the trunk or “malle,” in French. The very first Louis Vuitton trunk was introduced in In , the first Louis Vuitton trunk was introduced, featuring Vuitton’s gray Trianon canvas.

The Vuitton trunk was especially noteworthy upon its introduction, as it was the first trunk to have a flat top and bottom, so as to be stackable and more easily transported. Previously, trunks of the day featured rounded tops to facilitate water run-off.

Indeed, too old trunks, of archaic manufacture, have less value than a more modern trunk, more technically and aesthetically accomplished. The date is often​.

A large trunk with leather handles. A trunk, also known as a travel trunk, is a large cuboid container for holding clothes and other personal belongings, typically about 30 inches to 36 inches long with varying widths of 16 to 22 inches and various heights. They were most commonly used for extended periods away from home, such as for boarding school, or long trips abroad.

Most trunks are now used as either furniture such as glass-covered coffee-tables or decorative storage for everything from blankets and linens to memorabilia and military paraphernalia. Trunks are differentiated from chests by their more rugged construction due to their intended use as luggage, instead of the latter’s pure storage.

Among the many styles of trunks there are Jenny Lind, Saratoga, monitor, steamer or Cabin, barrel-staves, octagon or bevel-top, wardrobe, dome-top, barrel-top, wall trunks, and even full dresser trunks. These differing styles often only lasted for a decade or two as well, and—along with the hardware—can be extremely helpful in dating an unmarked trunk. Although trunks have been around for thousands of years in China and elsewhere, the most common styles seen and referred to today date from the late 18th century to the early 20th, when they were supplanted in the market by the cheaper and lighter suitcase.

Trunks were generally constructed with a base trunk box made of pine which was then covered with protective and decorative materials. Some of the earliest trunks are covered with studded hide or leather and look much like the furniture of the same period which makes sense as trunk manufacturing was sometimes an off-shoot of a furniture business.

Later coverings include paper, canvas, plain or embossed tin, with an uncounted assortment of hardware and hardwood slats to keep it all down.

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Chests and trunks date back to at least medieval times, but really gained momentum in Travel/Steamer Trunks: Mostly flat tops, these trunks were made and.

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Leather Steamer Trunk with Key from Goyard, 1893

Flat-top Steamer Trunk. Royalty-Free Stock Photo. Download preview. Vintage travelers flat-top steamer trunk dating back to s. ID

Innovations steamer trunk, dated , used by KGW for storing uniforms and valuables during transport, 43″L shipped Item was passed.

Please ring our Chocolate Concierge at 1. Trunks require a day lead time from time of order. Our most indulgent gift to date begins with a vintage steamer trunk filled with every truffle, caramel, bonbon and comfort food in the Vosges Haut-Chocolat line. This grande gift was inspired by Katrina’s creative process and the Travel the World through Chocolate theme.

Each vintage steamer trunk is hand selected for a one-of-a-kind gift for the person who has everything! Living in Paris, Katrina learned the Parisian ritual of purchasing chocolate and pastry daily. We use exotic and ephemeral ingredients, so please keep this box of haut-chocolat in a cool, dry place until serving. Close menu.

Determining the Value of an Antique Steamer Trunk?

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Our most indulgent gift to date begins with a vintage steamer trunk filled with every truffle, caramel, bonbon and comfort food in the Vosges Haut-Chocolat line. This.

Here, we will discuss proper ways of identifying the age and authenticity of your vintage Louis Vuitton trunk. It is a fun and exciting task to uncover the mystery of your trunk. Learn how to look for authentic characteristics of real Louis Vuitton trunks, from people who have been in the vintage trunk business for decades. Louis Vuitton was born in in France. At the age of 13, he left home on foot, headed for Paris.

He was mesmerized by the grandeur and magic of the city, and soon found work apprenticing for a box maker and packer. This was a respectable trade, and Vuitton learned the art of packing and creating custom luggage. The rest, they say, is history. Vuitton is credited for his ingenuity and creative skills that allowed him to think outside of the box pun intended , which he acquired as a professional packer.

However, this design was not practical for stacking and storing trunks on steam trains or transatlantic cruises. That is when Vuitton created his revolutionary design of trunks that were rectangularly shaped- ideal for transport. Long before purses, shoes, and wallets, Vuitton established his high standards of quality and execution as a malletier trunk maker.

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GUEST: When I was growing up, my parents were the caretakers at an estate of a wealthy family, and this trunk was owned by the daughter of the person who owned the estate. She said that when she was a young woman, she took it on a tour around the world. In the ’20s, I think. When they sold the estate, she gave us the trunk just to remember her by, and it’s been in our family for 35 years now. So it would have been used to transport your clothing when you went aboard a steamer to travel abroad.

And most steamer trunks are very nominal in value, and there’s exceptions to that rule and this is one of those exceptions. This is a Louis Vuitton trunk, currently probably one of the leading luxury good sellers worldwide. This was made right around the first part of the 20th century. In , they launched the patented canvas monogram that we see throughout this and you see on handbags and luggage today.

The hinges are marked with the patent. The trunk also shows its travel. Where they were headed was labeled on the trunk throughout. We can see that this is fitted with all of these compartments to hold your clothing, as well as a Louis Vuitton label and serial number.

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